W1D3 Live Fit Trainer

Hey guys,

So far this week is going great! I’m feeling very happy and motivated as I’ve been eating clean and I’ve done 3 out of my scheduled 4 weight training days. Ok it’s only been 3 days but every day counts and builds upon the last. My body is different from 3 days ago, and I’m focused on how toned I’m going to look in 3 months!

Today was my day off, and because I didn’t go to the gym yesterday, I decided to do two splits today-so I worked my Chest and Triceps and then my favourite, Legs & Calves! I think my favourite leg exercise is the Leg Press…it’s just so satisfying to see your muscles flex and burn, and feel the weight…of the, um weights.

So this was my workout today. I usually do a 6-7 minute warm-up on the treadmill (2-3 minutes brisk walk and then 3-4 minutes light jog). For each exercise I do 3 sets of 12 reps, with 1 minute rest in between.

Chest & Triceps
Wide Push Ups
Dumbell Bench Press
Flat Bench Cable Flyes
Narrow Pushups
Standing Tricep Extension
Tricep Pushdown

Legs & Calves
Leg Press
Dumbell Lunges
Wide Stance Barbell Squat
Seated Leg Curl
Standing Calf Raises



Hey Everyone,

Welcome to my blog! I’m not going to lie, even though words tend to fly out of my mouth, I feel a little nervous posting my thoughts in writing out into the universe!  My purpose of doing this blog, at least for the next 3 months, is to help me stay accountable and motivated while following Jamie Eason’s Live Fit 12 Week Trainer. Along the way I’ll be sharing my workouts, meals, recipes, progress reports, and talking about eating clean, emotional eating, trying to reach and maintain balance in my life, and everything else in between.

Ok so tomorrow is Week 1, Day one of the plan and I’m super excited.  It’s also my day off, otherwise I would have prepared and packed my meals for tomorrow. I know I’m good food-wise as I already have  batches of Jamie Eason’s chocolate and her pumpkin protein bars in my freezer. I will post those recipes soon, along with my recipe adjustments.

So you can read all about Jamie’s Live Fit Trainer that she put together for Body Building.com from the link above. I really like how she literally has every day laid out for you including every workout (with video demonstration), your diet plan, supplements, recipes, and motivational and informational videos. And best of all, its FREE!! I find Jamie very inspiring as we are about the same age and well, let’s face it she has an amazing body! I love how she is muscular while retaining her femininity. Also, from reading her articles, and reading her Facebook page, she just seems so nice and down to earth. Yes I have a girl crush!

Ok I’m going to be honest with you. This is technically my third time starting this workout in the last month. The first time I made it to 2 weeks and then I got stressed and started to emotionally eat, and felt like I lost my drive and commitment. I also went on a girl’s shopping trip to Montreal so I decided it would be best to start fresh after the trip…you know after I ate loads of bagels, and poutine, and chocolate 😛   Round two…I found my motivation wasn’t very high and I was letting life, and stress get in my way again. I’ve also been experiencing some pain in my right elbow for a while now (beginnings of tendonitis?) so thought it best to take a break from weights until I could see my ART (Active Release Technique) guy. I was very worried he was going to tell me I shouldn’t lift weights, but he gave me the green light-yeah! Anyways we are optimistic that this should be cleared up with a few sessions.  So I am feeling better about things, and my motivation is high and I’m really hoping tracking my progress through this blog will help me. I also want to go through with this, not only because I want to reach my body’s full potential and look great this summer, but I want to challenge myself to integrate this training plan in my life, while trying to balance work and life.  I don’t want to just bail on things when life get’s stressful. I need to learn to deal with stress in a healthy way.  I am going to stick to this challenge!