Dealing With Those Darn Emotions

My Happy Place in Ogunquit Maine

Hey guys,

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written a post…um, besides my teensy weensy outburst of computer rage yesterday. Don’t worry though, I took many Pinterest breaks to soothe my soul and calm my nerves 😛

So I have to be honest with you. A part of me is upset that another week went by and I didn’t stick to my Live Fit plan, but this is life, and my goal is to understand my patterns and what I can do better next time and maybe my issues will resonate with you too?

I think I’ve been on a depressive decline since March, and well, the last 2 weeks were the worst. Now I don’t want to make this into a depressing blog post because I want to motivate you guys, but I feel its important to share how easily we can sabotage ourselves and revert back to old patterns and behaviour.

In holistic nutrition, we learned how important it is to look at the big picture and examine all the factors that contribute to true health and well-being. Equally as important as the type and quality of food you eat, is the health of your mind and spirit. You could be eating the cleanest organic food, but if you are a highly stressed individual, then that stress is going to negate all that healthy food you are eating and you are going to create digestive problems. Never mind that stress affects every cell in your body and will lead to other health issues. We call stress the #1 killer.

So for the last while I’ve been unhappy/confused/stressed with some aspects of my life. I try to avoid these unpleasant thoughts and suppress them into the furthest recesses of my mind. Or I’ll drive myself crazy arguing back and forth with myself and trying to fight with my gut instinct. So naturally the more I ignored these issues, the more stressed and depressed I became. I basically tend to isolate myself and wallow in my misery, and eat crap food to “soothe” myself. Fun times.

At this point in my life, I should know better than to ignore my gut feeling because doing so ALWAYS leads to more problems and stress in my life. So why do I fight it? Fear? Not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings? Self doubt? The list goes on and on. Sometimes I wish the universe would just hit me over the head. Maybe it has already and I just have a really hard head. Ok universe I will listen to my gut from now on, I swear! Really though, think about when you have been stressed about a decision in your life….and when you finally make that decision, and it just feels so right, and its like a weight being lifted off your shoulders? Isn’t that a great feeling! Think about moving through life, and it being that easy…just listening to that inner voice. It wants to help you it really does, yet we ignore it time and time again.

So what can I do now and next time to have a better outcome?

1. Listen to my gut and trust my instincts
2. Be true to myself in everything I do
3. Don’t ignore the issue; face your fears, it’s often not as bad as it seems
4. Deal with emotional stress by talking with friends/family or doing something physically active (help clear my head and body of toxic energy and improve my mood)

So how do you guys deal with stress or depression?