Bulk Cooking and Cooler Bag

So by nature I am a lazy person. Ok, not exactly true but after a long day at work, I really don’t want to have to think about or spend a lot of time making dinner. I have better things to do…like spending time on Pinterest 😛 Sometimes I wish we lived in a Star Trek world and all our meals would just magically appear. Man that would be awesome. As long as it wasn’t weird freaky food.

So to help make meal planning easier, I fill up my fridge and freezer with prepared foods so I can pack it in my cooler or make any meal in minutes. Booyah! I pack all my meals for the day in my cooler bag the night before because I’m usually running around like a mad woman in the morning. If I’m not prepared for the day, then I’m more likely to just grab something not as healthy.

So here is a picture of what I put together today for part of the week ahead. Ok, ok some of these things I made last week, I just wanted to show you my freezer bounty. Mmmmm bounty. It sounds so plentiful!

My Bounty

-Chocolate protein bars
-Pumpkin protein bars
-Turkey burgers
-Turkey balls
-7 bags of protein mix ready to be blitzed into a smoothie (this includes all my dry ingredients like protein powder, fiber mix or ground flax, greens powder, and sometimes cocoa and cinnamon)
-Variety of sliced raw veggies: carrots, celery, cucumber, red and yellow pepper
– Turkey chili (2 portions)
-Cooked quinoa; freeze half for future date
-bag of raw almonds to keep at work for snacks
-Not pictured is a sweet potato baking in the oven (about 2 portions worth)

This is not a full list, but my other go to’s to make the magic happen:

-Unsweetened almond milk for smoothies and overnight soaked oats
-Baby spinach pre washed (great in soups, salads, omelet’s, chili)
-Liquid egg whites and eggs
-Goat cheese and goat yogurt
-Variety of frozen berries for smoothies and adding to yogurt
-Frozen broccoli (great to add to soups, chili, etc)
-Peeled, raw shrimp
-Brown rice and brown rice pasta
-Ezekiel and rye bread
I could go on and on here, but these are things I usually have on hand.

And this is what I packed for my meals tomorrow:

Meal 1: Overnight soaked oatmeal (oats, unsweetened almond milk, frozen berries, stevia, cinnamon, and I decided to throw in some cocoa-not sure if that was a good idea). I’m going to add in some protein powder in the am.
Meal 2: turkey ball and variety of raw veggie sticks
Meal 3: Salad: spinach and leaf lettuce, quinoa, turkey ball, vinaigrette, tomato and I’ll add some other veggies from work tomorrow
Meal 4: 3 x pumpkin protein bars
Meal 5 (dinner @ home): to be determined

Ready to go!

This week I plan on re-stocking my freezer by making more turkey chili and turkey burgers.

Have a good day!