Easter Weekend

To sum it all up-this week went to shit. Lol.  Yes I know. Please bear with me, I’m still 100% motivated to do this!

So I started the week off great and I did 2 weight days back to back. I was eating clean throughout the week (even on a night out with some girlfriends), and then came work stress….and then some personal issues/stress popped up….and then I missed and rescheduled some doctors appointments so didn’t go to gym, coupled with  gym closures due to Easter, and well by Saturday I decided to throw in the towel for this week. This week could have turned out differently if I had just organized myself better.

And although I was happy that I kept to a clean diet while dealing with my work stress and emotional issues this week, I was upset that once I decided to start fresh on Monday, I overindulged in some treats at the movies as well as Easter brunch. Its not that I’m never going to treat myself as that is just unrealistic (and not an enjoyable life), but I knew I was being excessive-and I didn’t care.  I’m not going to beat myself over this. I know I can do better and I just have to keep taking that step forward.

Even though this week went downhill, I did have some good moments. I am proud that I packed most of my meals for the week. This saved my ass many times my friends- especially on the day that I woke up (feeling very refreshed!) when I should have already been in my car driving to work!

Some lessons I learned this past week and goals for improvement:

  • Taking one day a week to prepare snacks, and meals to freeze for the coming week(s)
  • Packing my meals for the next day in a cooler bag every night.  I won’t tell myself to just pack it in the morning because I simply don’t have time.
  • Plan my workout schedule in advance and fully COMMIT to working out on those days.
  • Double check that my alarm clock is set!

In other news, I was very happy to receive my workout gloves from Femme Fitale Fitness in the mail this week-yeah!  I already have 2 missing fingernails (they are now starting to wonkily grow back thank god) without having to deal with rough calluses on my hands.


Hope you guys have a good Monday. Lucky ducks, I bet most of you are off work! Not me, boo!



3 thoughts on “Easter Weekend

  1. Very honest and true! I am the queen of excuses, so I like how you set up a plan to deal with trouble spots that inevitably will occur : -)

    You can do it!

  2. Good for you for keeping on top of things despite your crazy schedule! I am proud of you, as I know many others are 🙂 We all have bad days (believe me I know!). Don’t put too much pressure on yourself – you are strong and I know you can do it!

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